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AFTERSHOKZ Xtrainerz Wireless Headphones Blk Diamond

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It might seem counterintuitive, but one of the hardest parts about training for a triathlon of any distance—let alone a 70.3 or 140.6 race—is the time spent moving. 

Yes, the actual physical exertion and discomfort of extended periods spent in the elements is challenging. But ultimately, triathlon training requires hours and hours of time spent in the water, saddle, and on your feet. 

One of the things athletes love most about AfterShokz’ Bluetooth, bone conduction technology is that the headphones are the ideal training partner for long runs and rides.  Now AfterShokz is meeting your sound needs in the water, too.

AfterShokz Xtrainerz is your partner in the pool, your lucky charm in the lake, your support in the sea. The Xtrainerz are completely waterproof in up to six feet of salt or fresh water, and have 4GB of MP3 storage, allowing you to listen to music, podcasts, or audiobooks in the water while leaving your phone on the shore or deck...or even at home! 

Tough And Flexible

The Xtrainerz are built tough and rigorously tested to withstand your hardest workout. The AfterShokz Test Team put them through a merciless 72-hour salt spray test, which resulted in zero corrosion. The Xtrainerz stayed in place through competitive open-water and pool swim sessions. Those 4GBs will even accommodate up to 1,200 songs, meaning there’s no swim, bike, or run session that’s too long or intense for the Xtrainerz to rock. 

In addition to being tougher than nails, Xtrainerz are nimble and accommodating. 

Similar in style to AfterShokz’s latest bone-conduction headphones, the Aeropex, the Xtrainerz are made from flexible and durable titanium for long-lasting performance and infinite flexibility to deliver maximum comfort and a secure fit. Jump, dive, drop, drive—no matter what you throw yourself into, the Xtrainerz will be there to keep you motivated and committed to your training. 

Perform And Recover

Endurance athletes need to be able to push hard, go the distance, and recover quickly. AfterShokz developed the Xtrainerz to support the everyday athlete’s training journey, focusing on battery life and rechargeability. The Xtrainerz eight-hour battery will power you through your longest workout, and a quick-charging power port fully charges in 1.5 hours. Need to crank out a swim session on short notice? A 15-minute top-off provides enough juice to get you through a long swim session.

Training for any endurance event requires a crazy amount of grit and commitment, but triathlons especially add several layers of intensity. Day-after-day, pool, bike, and run sessions are hard enough, so AfterShokz wants to ensure you don’t have to tackle any of it alone. 

Gone are the days of boring and seemingly endless pool or lake sessions. Grab a pair of Xtrainerz, jump into your preferred body of water, and enjoy the new sounds of swim.



    • Lightweight and flexible 30 g titanium frame
    • Open-ear design
    • 4 GB of memory corresponding to more than 1000 titles
    • Quality stereo sound
    • Certified IP68 waterproof
    • Sound transmission through bone conduction
    • Play/pause button
    • Normal or swimming mode
    • No need to take a phone
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